Makeup tutorials for Beginners

Ways to make a simple Makeup

  1. Line your shaved eyebrow either with an eye pencil or eye liner
step 1

2. Fill in the line brows with your eye pencil or eyebrow filler of your choice

step 2

3. use a concealer to highlight the brows or correct the brows under line and upper line at both side in other to give a straight line and a sharp clean brows

step 3

4. use your grooming brush to blend out the the front part of your eyebrow so as to make it lighter than the remaining part of your eyebrow and note the ending part of the brow need to be tiny and sharp

step 4

5. Now move to your eye shadow use any eye shadow primer of your choice, in place of an eye-shadow you can use your concealer.then apply your eye shadow to create the eye shadow look of your choice

step 5

6. line your eyes shadow with an eyeliner it give your eyes a sweet perfect looks

step 6

7. Apply your face primer of your choice all over your face softly and smoothly

step 7

8. Apply a foundation of your shade and blend with your beauty blender or your foundation brush.

Step 8


9. Highlight every necessary area with your concealer and blend or dab with a beauty blender or dabbing foam or brush, your concealer for high-lightening should be one shade away from your complexion.

step 9

10. Apply setting powder of your choice to the highlighted areas with your beauty blender

Step 10

11. Apply your face powder and that should be your skin shade

Step 11

12. Apply your glowing beauty kit of your shade to the highlighted areas

Step 12

Step 12b

13. Apply your lipstick and set your face with your finishing or setting spray of your choice and mind you it should be 1 to 2 inch away from your face (not so close to your face).

Step 13

14. Boom your sweet glam looks is ready

Final step

With this (DIY) you now see how easy it is to create a mild and glamorous simple makeup. Do you have any question? you can drop it as comment.

Thanks, let us know what you think on the comment box.

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